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Damn It

Had a bit of a “knock” on the way to work yesterday. Basically the guy in front stopped suddenly and I didn’t I walked away with just a little seat-belt bruising, but the guy in front was holding his neck … Continue reading

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Telegraph recommends “flipping” primary residence

The way The Telegraph has been drip feeding the MP’s expenses scandal over the last week has been interesting. I don’t think anyone could deny that they’ve tried to stick to their party political agenda – getting the outrage about … Continue reading

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Mayday with the A700

As mayday is what the size-conscious call “big” in Hastings I thought I’d take my new Sony A700 out for a proper test drive. Along with over 20,000 bikers arriving in town for the annual Mayday Run there’s also the … Continue reading

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Disposable Heroes of Kodakography

Why, after going out and spending hundreds of pounds on a new DSLR body, then reeling off a quick 100 shots – are those shots languishing in Lightroom on my laptop, while the shots from the disposable camera (40 cameras … Continue reading

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