Look behind you!

Stopped at the local Tesco petrol station this morning to fill the bike up so I could make it the 40 miles to work without having to push it. The whole world seemed to be filling up there at 7:45am and there were queues for all the pumps. Anyway, to cut a long story short, a guy in a van in front of me decided he wanted to queue for a different pump. I saw his reversing lights come on and it was obvious he didn’t know I was behind him. I know a lot of car drivers don’t seem to realise it, but bikes don’t have reverse gears, and shuffling 250kg of motorcycle backwards with your feet ain’t going to win races!

Anyway, to cut a short story shorter, I ended up on the ground together with my bike. Luckily neither of us were damaged at all.

And the van driver’s excuse?  “I didn’t see you” Really, no shit,  I thought maybe you  saw me but thought it wouldn’t damage your van! Next time look fucking properly!

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