Had a play with using my Diana with Instax Back to do something a bit different with the instax film at last night’s Brighton Flickr Meet.

Lomo sell a thing they call a splitzer - which I thought might be fun to use, but I haven’t got one and not really convinced I want to splash out on one either…

So, I used what I had to hand – i.e. an instax shot I took earlier with the Diana that I’d cocked up. The great thing about using instax film with the diana is the opportunity to do things like pinholes and multiple exposures – so I tried covering half the lens with the old shot, taking a photo, covering the other half, taking another photo, then ejecting the film. Multiple exposures without the worry of overexposure! The only tricky bit is actually having enough hands to hold the old shot and the camera, and press the shutter at the same time…

…anyway I liked the results – click through to flickr to see them and more bigger…

LomoLomoKevKev & LissyLoola @ Brighton Flickr Meet (by AndyWilson) Brighton Flickr Meet (by AndyWilson)

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