Disposable Heroes of Kodakography

Why, after going out and spending hundreds of pounds on a new DSLR body, then reeling off a quick 100 shots – are those shots languishing in Lightroom on my laptop, while the shots from the disposable camera (40 cameras for £20 on ebay) I took later that day are getting flickr love?

Red Chair (by AndyWilson)

Opticians Window (by AndyWilson)

Hastings Old Town (by AndyWilson)

I can only assume I’ve got some inner guilt about spending lots of money on cameras when I’m a huge advocate of “It’s not the camera, it’s the photographer” But sometimes the photographer needs helps. Sometimes he needs high-iso sensitivity at the touch of a button, sometimes he craves instant gratification. Of course, when the sun’s out, the sky is blue and f/16 @1/125 is the order of the day – then it’s time for the toy cameras to play.

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