Mayday with the A700

As mayday is what the size-conscious call “big” in Hastings I thought I’d take my new Sony A700 out for a proper test drive.

Along with over 20,000 bikers arriving in town for the annual Mayday Run there’s also the Jack In The Green festival. Basically hundreds of people dressing in green and dancing. The normally great photo opportunities were rather spoiled by the cloudy drizzly skies and the awful light.

Anyway, after a ride out of town followed by a very slow ride back in with the crowds of bikes I settled down in George Street for some “people” photography. I was thwarted more than once by my unfamilarity of the controls on my new DSLR but ended up with a few half-decent shots.

I decided to go black-and-white as a reaction against all the green I guess – the guy in this photo had green nosepaint and luminous green nail varnish.

I also took my Pentax Auto 110 SLR out to play for the day – the results of that will end up on my flickr once Jessops have developed the film and I’ve sworn at my scanner a lot…

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