Damn It

Had a bit of a “knock” on the way to work yesterday. Basically the guy in front stopped suddenly and I didn’t :(

I walked away with just a little seat-belt bruising, but the guy in front was holding his neck so was taken to hospital to check for whiplash. Hope he’s ok.

The immediate problem, before I find out whether it’s repairable, is getting the 40 miles to work. The choices are:

  • Use the bike – would be OK if the weather forecasts weren’t for rain and more rain.
  • Steal my wife’s car – apart from the minor problem that she’d still need to get to work, it’s a convertible Beetle and while I’m not really concerned about looking “manly” there is such a thing as a step too far!
  • Take the train. Expensive, run at totally the wrong times, and I’ll still have to get a lift to/from the Station.

I guess we’re very lucky to have 2 cars and a motorbike in the household though, so I can’t really complain.

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