Brighton Naked Bike Ride

At the recent flickr meet on Brighton Beach mention was made of the Brighton Naked Bike Ride, and of the fact they welcomed photographers – so I decided to pack a long lens, a Holga and a Demekin 110 fisheye and head over to Brighton on the Sunday.

Posing (by AndyWilson)

After some initial nervousness about where to point my cameras I soon started wandering around – learning that if you try to get eye contact and smile before pressing the shutter,  people are much happier. The last thing I wanted was candid shots, so I had to come out of my normal “hide behind the camera” mode and actually speak to unclad strangers!

The event was pretty overrun with photographers to be honest, and I bumped into a few people from the Brighton flickr group including Rob, Erin and (Lomo)Kev.

The amazing thing for me was how friendly the naked (and nearly naked) cyclists were, and how happy they were to have their photos taken. It made a real change, as a middle-aged bloke with a DSLR, to feel welcome at an event rather than being viewed as a potential pervert.

Anyway – to avoid the risk of offending any blog readers I’ve posted most of the photos on a seperate page, so if you want to see gratuitous nudity just follow this link….

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