Unfinished Business

A recent move of server meant I had to move my blog. This made me realise I haven’t updated it for 10 months!

To rectify that, here’s a few of my favourite snaps from the NY visit in my last unfinished blog entry – and I promise I’ll update again VERY soon

Steamy NY Nights

This one is my favourite I think – it’s just so Manhattan. Taken at dusk down near Pier 21.

Chelsea Hotel

I’ve been visiting NY for over a decade now, but it occurred to me that I’d never visited the Chelsea Hotel. For my generation it’s iconic for its association with Sid & Nancy, and I’ll always remember it as the place where Quentin Crisp made his home for a time, and of course for The Chelsea Girls. I could spend days just standing in the Lobby with a camera.

Boardwalk Wedding

Wonder Wheel

I adore Coney Island – from the freakshows to the funfair to the sandy beach to the long Boardwalk down to Brighton Beach and its little cafes with indecipherable Russian menus. I hope I bought some of its atmosphere home in my cameras.

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