Brighton Naked Bike Ride – the Photos

Because of restrictions on flickr only logged in users, who change their settings from the default, can see what flickr defines as moderate images. As, by flickr definition anything with a hint of boob, muff or willy is at least “moderate” if not “restricted” it has meant a lot of potential viewers have been unable to see some of my favourite snaps from the day.

Luckily, if you blog the images anyone can see them on the blog (I hope) – so here they are. Most are totally inoffensive, none would get more than a 12 cert if in a film…

Affection (by AndyWilson)

Finishing Touches (by AndyWilson)

Adjustments (by AndyWilson)

Say Cheese (by AndyWilson)

Reddy (by AndyWilson)

Not quite naked (by AndyWilson)

Posing (by AndyWilson)

It's that smile again... (by AndyWilson)

Don't Go Into The Light! (by AndyWilson)

The Entertainment (by AndyWilson)

Proud (by AndyWilson)

Road Safety (by AndyWilson)

Sunshine Girls (by AndyWilson)

A Bug's Life (by AndyWilson)

That’s all for now :-)

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