A Mispent Youth



Not much to say about this - not sure which was worse, the hair or the dress sense. Oh well, this "look" didn't survive long as evidenced below...



Some say 1976 was the year punk began, and sure enough I did, as a naive 15 year old venture out to see a mysterious band called the Sex Pistols play at the end of Hastings Pier that July. Took me nearly a year though to cut off my hair and adopt the rebellious stance. The result in home-processed and printed Black and White is staring at you to the left....




A year on, the eve of a family holiday, and I decided to get half my hair dyed white and the other half dyed black.  Combined with an imitation leather jacket, a t-shirt with a zip sewn in, very tight trousers (at a time when flares were the norm) a pair of ox-blood dr martens and the rear end of a dog, I thought I looked pretty good in a west country car park somewhere...




Fred Perry, Levis, a #1 crewcut and a Lambretta. What more could a young man ask for??? (A crash helmet maybe?)




The 80s were well and truly underway, and I'd obviously decided pink was "my colour" and bleached hair with a fringe to hide behind was de-rigour...



This one used to be on my Tube pass. Was a year or two before I lost my addiction to peroxide, and at the time big scarves must have been "in" Orange curtains were always just peculiar to Photo-Me booths though.

Oh well, that's most of a decade - maybe page 2 will follow sometime.